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Corrosion check : Bertone Coupé


Assume the worst. Better to buy a good car than restore a rusty one. Good news is, most panels are available.

This is a good one! A 1974 1300 GTJunior Unificato. A Dutch market car with known history and heavily wax-protected. The car looked great and drove beautifully When you start digging, it´s hard to know what you will find!


Underneath (Front to back): Click on the gallery below for illustration

  • Check any rust prevention measures/underseal integrity 
  • Check front valance and crossmember under radiator (supports front anti-roll bar)
  • Check front wheel arch behind wheel. Are splashguards in place? Evidence of repair?
  • Check fit of engine crossmember to inner wings for corrosion/damage.
  • Check mounting points for steering box for splits
  • Check sills. Outer sills for correct welding repair/filler, inner sills for corrosion/repairs.
  • Check jacking points for corrosion
  • Check front spring pans for corrosion
  • Check footwells for corrosion/repairs
  • Check where rear suspension trailing arms attach to body shell for corrosion/repairs
  • Check boot floor, spare wheel well, fuel tank for corrosion/repair
  • Check rear valance for corrosion/repair


Body work (front to back) : Click on the gallery below for illustration

  • Check front valance and wings for corrosion/repair. Stepnose is weaker than later models in this area.
  • Check area where bonnet hinges for corrosion/repair
  • Check inner wings underbonnet for corrosion/repair at front and rear of engine compartment
  • Check front wings behind wheels for corrosion/repair. Minor bubbling can indicate significant corrosion.
  • Check sills.If replacement, welded correctly behind front and rear wings
  • Lift carpet/mats to check inner sills for corrosion/repair
  • Lift carpet/mats to check front and rear footwells for corrosion/repair
  • Look down the sides for ripple/panel fit/straightness
  • Check doors for fit and locking. Also check for corrosion/repair
  • Check for corrosion/repair under front windscreen seal
  • Check A pillars at base for corrosion/repair
  • Check roof for corrosion/repair, particulary if sun roof fitted.
  • Check under rear side windows for corrosion/repairCheck C pillars at base for corrosion/repair
  • Check below rear windshield for corrosion/repair
  • Check rear wings for corrosion/repair or distortion (particularly stepnose)
  • Check inside fuel filler flap for corrosion/repair
  • Check boot floor, spare wheelwell, fuel tank for corrosion/repair
  • Check rear panel for corrosion/repair
  • Check rear valance for corrosion/repair


Happy ending: Our car chosen by Alfa Romeo to launch the new Giulia, Jarama 2016

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