Italclassic´s international outreach and many years of trading has built a large network of contacts in many different countries. Our location, right on the main coast road between Benidorm and Alicante also means that many enthusiasts find us just by driving past. Equally, we have found a lot of customers by recommendation. We have a client base from Norway to Italy, Russia to the United Kingdom, California to New York, and of course from all parts of Spain. Italclassic is the ‘go to’ place for Italian classics in Spain, plus we have built strong connections in the Dutch, Belgian, German and UK ex pat communities which thrive in Alicante. And of course, we are enthusiasts for anything a bit different…

As a result, Italclassic is often offered cars which are new to the market, or still under the radar (Spanish collectors are notoriously secretive). Naturally, our workshop is able to re-commission or restore anything, but we are also fllexible, able to supply anything from a neglected project to a concours rebuild. We focus on Italian classics, particularly Alfa 750/101/105 series cars, but everything unusual is of interest. We are active on many international classic car forums and are able to provide references in most countries.




We purchase quality cars We sell quality classic
Broker and commission service Broker and commission service
Pre Purchase Inspection in Spain We can prepare your car for sale
Professional photography/video report Photography, video and copy-writing
Professional storage and transportation Professional storage and transportation
Classic car insurance coverage Classic car insurance coverage


Italclassic provides an effective and discreet broker service, mainly aimed at owners who want to get the best price with the minimum stress and best value. We are happy to advise on the best price point and marketing strategy for a car. We understand the power of the internet, and the need for excellent communications and presentation in order to reach a modern international audience and will be delighted to help you to find a new home for your classic.

With our international customer base and focus, Italclassic is naturally experienced in the export of cars to all European countries and also the USA. Similarly we can advise new members of the ex-pat community in Alicante of procedures to import their cars. We know the market price of all services in Alicante, so will always be able to quote you a competitive price for transport and shipping to anywhere in the world.


  • Repaired: Alfa Romeo Montreal

    Repaired: Alfa Romeo Montreal

  • Upgraded & Sold: Alfa Romeo GT Junior Unificato

    Upgraded & Sold: Alfa Romeo GT Junior Unificato

  • Sold: Alfa Romeo 75 2.5 V6

    Sold: Alfa Romeo 75 2.5 V6

  • Repaired & Sold: Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1.6

    Repaired & Sold: Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1.6



We are a family business with over forty years and two generations of experience in the field of classic cars. We offer a complete range of quality services for the buying and selling of italian classic cars.

  • We really know the market.
  • We can fix any flaw at value rates.
  • We are realistic with prices and expectations.
  • We are truthful about the quality of our stock.
  • We have access to rust free cars from Spain.
  • We can communicate in 7 different languages.
  • We have access to trade customers all over the world.
  • We understand that image is important.
  • We are fascinated by the unusual.


  • Why can I trust Italclassic?

    • Our experience and specialization is guaranteed
    • We are a one-stop shop for anything Alfa Romeo
    • We want our customers to enjoy the experience
    • We only buy from trusted sources
    • We communicate clearly in 7 different languages
    • We practise what we preach
  • Why should I send my car to Italclassic?

      If you are in Spain:
    • We apply North European standards of practice and customer service
    • We genuinely understand specialist and classic vehicles
    • We source parts from all over the globe
    • We outsource specialist services to suppliers we know and trust
    • We can arrange transport to all parts of the peninsula
    • If you are outside Spain:

    • Our standards developed in North Europe and are maintained here
    • Our lower overheads reduce your costs
    • We have a large store of difficult to find classic parts
    • We are able to manage all aspects of restoration and race preparation
    • We enjoy a very mild winter, perfect for shaking down winter rebuilds
    • We can arrange transport to all parts of Europe and the USA
  • How are your prices?

    • Our labour cost is a fraction of Northern Europe, the quality is the same
    • We source parts and outsource services based on quality and value, passing the saving on to the customer
    • We consult with the customer at every stage, detailing progress and costs
    • We are happy to work with part payments
    • We will always give a written quotation before starting any project


Full equipped workshop in Alicante, Spain.

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